ACCEL® All-purpose and Biliary Drainage Catheter Sets

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With TrueGlide® Hydrophilic Coating

Designed and Developed for Optimal Patient Comfort and Clinical Care.

The ACCEL All-purpose and Biliary Drainage Catheters are percutaneous drainage catheters used for drainage of abscess and fluid collections. The catheter is made from a soft, biocompatible, radiopaque polyurethane material.  

The ACCEL All-purpose and Biliary Drainage Catheters are designed to maximize fluid drainage volume with five large oval drainage holes and deliver a smooth atraumatic catheter insertion with the TrueGlide Hydrophilic Coating.  

Our comprehensive portfolio of sizes and configurations is designed to meet all your patients' drainage needs.

What Clinicians Like:

  • Available in standard pigtail, mini-closed loop pigtail and J-curved catheter sets
  • Large oval drainage holes designed for maximal drainage
  • Versatility in usage for biliary, abscess and other multipurpose drainage
  • Available in sizes 5-16 Fr with French size printed on strain relief
  • Available in catheter working lengths 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 35 cm and 40 cm
  • Allows for 0.035 in. (5-7 Fr) and 0.038 in. (8-16 Fr) guidewire diameter
  • All-purpose drainage catheter placement can be performed using direct access or the Seldinger Technique
  • Flexible polyurethane material and reinforced tip are made to prevent kinking and provide optimal catheter placement

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