ACCEL® Valved and Valved Safety Centesis Catheters and Kits

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ACCEL® Valved Centesis Catheters 

Catheter hub features integrated, fluid/air stop, self-sealing valve allowing for automatic containment of patient drainage fluid and reduced risk of pneumothorax after needle removal. Radiopaque catheter sheath-with three (3) large elliptical cut, spiral configured side holes on the catheter tip area for maximum-360° drainage coverage and flow.

  • Removable vented flash plug on the needle hub further promotes a closed system environment during catheter insertion.
  • Ergonomically designed clear needle hub for visual confirmation of drainage fluid flashback.
  • Catheter and needle assembly promote an atraumatic catheter insertion point through a seamless needle-to-catheter tip transition and an echogenic needle tip.
  • 4F, 5F, and 6F sizes, in 7cm, 10cm, and 15cm lengths.


ACCEL® Valved Safety Centesis Catheters with Introcan Safety™ Technology 

The benefits of the ACCEL Valved Centesis Catheter Portfolio with the addition of the Introcan Safety Technology. Fully automatic, passive needle safety shield reduces the risk of needlestick injury.


ACCEL® Valved (or Valved Safety) Centesis Catheter Kits

Help manage the risk of bloodstream infections, maintain a sterile field, reduce waste, and control costs by having all components together in one convenient kit.

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